George's Story

“If anyone asks me who my heroes are, they aren’t baseball players or football players,” George says. “My heroes are Dr. Houck, Dr. PK, and Dr. Segerson. They are the ambulance crew, the nurses, and our physician Dr. Peter Lehmann.
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The Heart of the Matter

George McCabe knows a little something about being in the right place at the right time. In February 2012, George and his wife Gina were in the waiting room of cardiologist Robin Houck, MD, for an appointment. Despite recent heart issues, George had just finished telling Gina how great he felt, when he collapsed to the floor.

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George had a cardiac tamponade - a life threatening buildup of fluid around the heart.
After draining the fluid to relieve pressure on his heart, George is back to living a full life.
He enjoys spending time with his wife and family.
George is even back to woodcarving, one of his many passions.