Heart Services

Heart Services

Exceptional Care Close to Home.

A wide range of procedures can be done right here at Harrison Medical Center to treat the various heart conditions listed below. Click on the links below to see more details about the disease and treatment.

To treat coronary artery disease, we offer advanced coronary stenting and ballooning. Cardiologists at Harrison Medical Center first determine the appropriate treatment for coronary artery disease, using the latest medical guidelines. If stenting isn’t an option, patients may be referred on to open heart surgery. To treat a heart attack, Harrison has partnered with EMS to open the blocked artery as quickly as possible. Studies show that restoring blood flow to a blocked coronary artery within 90 minutes reduces damage to the heart muscle. Harrison is recognized as one of the most consistent hospitals when adhering to these guidelines. Our cardiologists are able to open the blockage within 90 minutes on almost 100 percent of our patients.

For the treatment of heart arrhythmias, Harrison offers a variety of treatment options from electrical shock cardioversions to ablations or burning of the tissue that is causing the abnormal heart beat. Treatments may be performed in the Electrophysiology Lab or by using surgical MAZE procedures offered by our cardiothoracic surgeons.

Our heart failure specialists will look at the disease process and provide you with the best options for treatment. Harrison has been recognized for providing outstanding care for patients with heart failure.

To treat valve disease, our cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons use a collaborative approach. Our multi-specialty clinic will provide a convenient location for you to be seen by a cardiologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon. This process assures that your complex valvular disease is being treated the best possible way. Harrison specialists also treat other types of structural heart disease such as atrial septal defect (ASD), patent foramen ovale (PFO), and left atrial appendage removal.

Our Cardiopulmonary Rehab Department will get you on your way to recovery after a cardiac event by providing a monitored exercise program that involves extensive education on how to care for your heart.