Jeff's Story

“In the hospital, my doctor said ‘whether you want it or not, your life is now very different.’ I had so much to live for, I wanted it to be different.” 
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Heart Attack Survivor

While mending a fence Jeff Crawford was overwhelmed with nausea and exhaustion. At only 45 years old, this Poulsbo resident didn’t know he was at risk. His young son said ‘call mom’ but, thankfully, Jeff dialed 911 instead. By the time his ambulance reached Harrison Medical Center, Jeff’s heart was just moments away from a heart attack…

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Jeff suffered a massive heart attack in route to Harrison's Emergency Room. He had been mending a fence.
With help from Harrison's cardiac rehabilitation program, Jeff is now on the road to a healthy future.
Jeff learned there's no magic pill; that good health requires consistent healthy diet and exercise.
Jeff says he's living, walking proof that Harrison's cardiac care works.