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Saturday, June 29 9 am to 2 pm
Therapeutic Music workshops with Stella Benson

Therapeutic Music workshops with Stella Benson
Increase your bedside therapeutic musician skills, expand your healing music potential, and go above and beyond traditional "ways" of being at the bedside with healing music. All levels of musicianship skills are welcome. Take one or both workshops.

Chinese Music Elements and Healing Tones (2 parts):
Part I from 9 am-11 am and Part II from 12 pm–2 pm (lunch 11 am-12 pm)
$140 general public, $119 Harrison Medical Center employees
Increase your bedside repertoire with this uniquely designed workshop inspired by the Chinese Five Elements, Classical Four Elements from ancient Greece, Hindu and Buddhist cosmologies, Four Temperaments, plus ancient and modern healing tones. Gain a foundation for the many uses of the single healing tone, including its corresponding patient condition. Learn about the circulation of our own life force, “Chi,” in the human body, which is thought to affect the functions of the internal organs, psychological condition, and emotions in order to prevent and cure illnesses. Participants will experience healing tones for self-care and potential therapeutic music use. Attendees take away a new perspective for bringing unique healing music therapies to the bedside, as well as ancient musical scales based on healing tones for improvisation as they relate to the archetypal elements, plus additional international scales. Included are six brief videos. Bring your instrument for this experiential workshop.

Subtle Energies and Music, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
$80 general public, $68 Harrison Medical Center employees
Healing musicians influence, and are influenced by, subtle energy. The new science of subtle energies is emerging with surprising results that can affect our work as healing musicians. Learn what the research community has learned, how we are affected by subtle energies, and how we affect subtle energies, which can enhance or defeat our service at the bedside. Includes three 2-6 minute videos, and a short audio lecture on Geometric Effects on the Human Psyche. Bring your instrument for this experiential workshop.


For more information contact Dana Sheppard or Tiffany Leveille, Harrison Medical Center Complementary Therapies at, 360-744-4924.

About Stella Benson: Founder and Director of the International Healing Musician's Program, former executive director for the Music for Healing and Transition Program, and past Chair of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musician, Stella Benson is a leading educator, author and recording artist in the therapeutic music field. Beginning her healing music journey in 1992, Ms. Benson has provided healing music services to AIDS, oncology, and hospice patients, their families and loved ones. A pioneer in promoting healing music, her healing music recordings, educational books, and her international on-line program have proven to be invaluable to musicians, patients, and healthcare providers internationally.

Dates and Locations

6/29/2013 9 am to 2 pm
Harrison Bremerton
2520 Cherry Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98310

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Dana Sheppard or Tiffany Leveille

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