Caring Presence at Harrison

What is Caring Presence?
Caring Presence is an extension of Harrison Medical Center's compassionate care services. It is based on the internationally recognized No One Dies Alone program, in which a volunteer companion provides a reassuring presence to a dying patient. With the support of our nursing staff, these volunteers will give the most valuable of human gifts, time and touch, to our patients at the end of life.

Caring Presence provides a trained staff member or hospital volunteer to patients who:
  • are in their last 72 hours of life,
  • have Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)/Do Not Incubate (DNI) orders, and
  • who have no family or friends at the bedside or within the near geographic area.

Benefits for patients, families, and staff
Patients will have a consistent, committed companion by their side during their final hours. A Caring Presence volunteer is sensitive to and shows concern for the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and may:

  • Hold a patient's hand or provide a soft touch hand rub
  • Listen to the patient's stories
  • Play soothing music
  • Read quietly
  • Fluff pillows
  • Moisten the lips
  • Pray with the patient
  • Sit in companionable silence
  • Communicate patient needs to the nursing staff when necessary

To become a Caring Presence volunteer, contact:

Volunteer Services

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