Success Story
Cathryn Mastroianni, PCU charge nurse, had a patient whose death was imminent and the family was unable to be there. The house supervisor, Carolyn Partlow, contacted a Caring Presence volunteer, Bob, who arrived shortly to sit with the patient and provide a reassuring presence. Cathryn shared how much it meant to her to have him there to provide comfort to the patient and support the work of clinical staff. A handprint was made and a lock of hair was obtained for the family.

The family was so deeply touched by the compassion of staff and the volunteer that they wanted to make a donation to the Harrison Foundation for the Palliative Care Department. Cathryn was grateful for having Caring Presence volunteers available for patients and staff, as this is something that can be done do to make a dying patient's transition as peaceful as possible. Caring Presence volunteers are specially trained, are available 24/7, and may be arranged for by contacting the house supervisor.