Chipmunk Grill

A great place to relax
The Chipmunk Grill is a full service restaurant located on the ground floor of Harrison Silverdale. Choose from a variety of hot and cold meal selections, including sandwiches, snacks, and main courses.

Chipmunk Grill story

Once upon a time, there was a chipmunk that lived in a tiny little burrow in the forest on a hill overlooking a valley. He loved food more than climbing, swimming, or good manners. It was his whole life. He could make a great meal out of seeds and berries using his pocketknife to peel them. All the animals in the forest traveled miles just to sample his rich meals.

Cooking meals often made him too excited to sleep. With electrifying energy, he would cook all morning for friends and family. He was a dazzling cook to behold. His strong, bushy tail performed acrobatics on the stove that kept the fires fanned and hot. His cooking was the outcome of hard work. He often said, "If I had waited for inspiration, I should have done nothing!"

Over time, the chipmunk started to notice that every day more and more people were moving into the valley and forest. Near his burrow, a large area of ground was cleared to build a new hospital. He watched the big workers dig and drive stakes into the land. In a high voice, he chirped, "Someday, I shall feed them, too." One day, after the workers had gone home, the chipmunk scurried out from under the bushes and wrote on the blueprint, "The Chipmunk Grill goes here."

The crew returned the next day and began to build the restaurant. The chipmunk hired a chef and very friendly staff. He showed them how to prepare his recipes. If the food did not satisfy him, he would throw it out and roar, "Start over and get it right!" The restaurant opened to much fanfare. People loved dining at the Chipmunk Grill, because they always left satisfied, but not stuffed.

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Ordering options:

  • Order online for pickup or delivery within the hospital

  • Order by phone for pickup or delivery within the hospital at 360-744-4444 or ext. 4444

  • Order in person by visiting our café on the ground floor of the main lobby

Hours of operation:
6:30 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week
at Harrison Silverdale

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