Creating A Vision

What is a vision?
A vision explains the direction in which we want our company to go and how we intend to get there. A vision has built-in flexibility, based on environment, marketplace, and industry changes.

Why is a vision important?
It maps the future course of our organization, while setting specific priorities and goals. Simply put, it helps us decide what we’re going to do on a day-to-day basis. A vision also helps both our staff and our community anticipate that change lies ahead and realize that the way we work today may be vastly different tomorrow.

What did the visioning process entail?
The planning work team began the visioning process in late October 2009. For several months, they organized focus groups of community members, physicians, Harrison’s leadership, and others who have a keen interest in Harrison’s success. From January to April 2010, the team met to craft and draft the vision. Feedback was sought along the way; candid reviews were encouraged.

How was our specific vision developed?
An initial environmental assessment—which looked at our organization, our local environment, and our changing industry—and a summary from months of input sessions laid the foundation for the planning model. Harrison’s mission and core values topped the model, with vision, strategic priorities, goals, and tactics taking shape underneath. In April, Harrison’s board of directors gave its final stamp of approval and adopted Vision 2015.

Who created Vision 2015?
The planning work team included Harrison executives, physicians, board members, and staff:
  • Scott Bosch, President & CEO
  • Patty Cochrell, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tom Kruse, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Andy Stefo, Chief Financial Officer
  • Sandon Saffier, MD, Chief Quality & Medical Officer
  • Adar Palis, Chief Information Officer
  • Cindy May, Chief Nurse
  • David Veterane, Member, Board of Directors
  • Gregory S. Henderson, MD, PhD, Pathology, and Member, Board of Directors
  • William Bauer, MD, Internal Medicine
  • John Lubetich, MD, Anesthesiology
  • Mark Paciotti, MD, Cardiology
  • R. Christopher King, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Bob Cross, Director, Strategic Development

Physicians, healthcare providers, leaders, volunteers, and advocates from every segment and every locale within and surrounding Kitsap County also participated—people who have a known history of contributing to the communities in which they live and work.