Current Quality Scores
At Harrison, we take quality and patient safety seriously–it’s our #1 priority. We believe that transparency helps built trust and improves perception and understanding of our processes. Our approach to reducing the risk of acquiring and transmitting all types of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is an integrated, collaborative and multi-disciplinary one that is based on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines, state and federal public health regulations, Joint Commission requirements and a variety of local and national patient safety initiatives.

In U.S. hospitals, HAI's account for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 related deaths each year. Many of these infections are now required to be publicly reported. Washington’s reporting process compares us to similar-sized hospitals and types of care units both within our state and nationally. For example, device related infections are currently only reported in the intensive care setting. Our ICU is classified as a medical/surgical intensive care with greater than 15 beds, so our rates will be compared to other hospitals with the same type of ICU.

WSHA Hospital-Specific Surgical Infection Rate Data
DOH Infection Rate Reporting