The Joint Commission
TJC Logo Harrison Medical Center fully supports, and complies with, Quality standards set by The Joint Commission. These standards address a hospital’s performance in specific areas, and specify requirements to ensure that patient care is provided in a safe manner and in a secure environment. The Joint Commission develops its standards in consultation with health care experts, providers and researchers, as well as measurement experts, purchasers and consumers.

The Joint Commission has accredited hospitals for more than 50 years. It accredits approximately 4,250 general, children’s, long term acute, psychiatric, rehabilitation and surgical specialty hospitals throughout the United States. Approximately 88 percent of the nation's hospitals are currently accredited by The Joint Commission.

Harrison Medical Center and Harrison Home Health have been awarded accreditation from The Joint Commission. The most recent Joint Commission survey occurred in August 2010.

The safety and quality of care of our patients is our primary concern. If you or a member of your family has a concern about your care, please speak with your physician, nurse, or nurse manager of the unit where you are receiving care. If you feel the issue is not resolved, please call our Patient Advocacy Department at 360-744-6535 or toll free at 800-281-4024.

If your concern cannot be resolved at this level, you may contact The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission does not address individual billing issues, payment disputes, or individual clinical management of patients. There are several ways to file a complaint: