KC4TP logoKitsap County Cross Continuum Care Transitions Project (KC4TP)
Healthcare organizations throughout Kitsap County have joined together to better serve the needs of patients in our community. The Kitsap County Cross Continuum Care Transitions Project, or KC4TP, is a collaboration of Harrison Medical Center, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and palliative care, specialty and primary care clinics, and other community healthcare support agencies.

The coalition was spearheaded in March 2012 by Annette Crawford of Stafford Healthcare at Ridgemont to address the problem of re-hospitalization after learning about other organizations’ successful efforts to reduce readmissions by partnering with other healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

Together, the members of KC4TP share information about what works best for patients as they transition through the different stages of healthcare. Their work helps reduce readmissions to the hospital, better inform patients and their families, and improves the quality of care.

Since it formed, KC4TP has collaborated on initiatives including:

  • Heart Care Beyond the Hospital One of the first projects KC4TP undertook was expanding the use of a “Heart Zones” tool to help healthcare providers consistently teach heart failure patients to monitor and assess their conditions themselves.
  • “Warm” Handover Guide Harrison and skilled nursing facilities worked together to create a guide for hospital nurses and skilled nursing center staff to share information to ensure the successful transition of patient care. It lists all the critical information skilled nursing facilities need in order to provide care as soon as the patient arrives, such as current vitals, medication timing, current pain status, equipment needs, and unique patient preferences or issues.