Medical Records: Frequently Asked Questions

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

For continuing care please call 360-744-6600 or fax your request to 360-744-6607.
For all other requests please call 360-744-6980 or fax your request to 360-744-6918.

How do I get a copy of my medical record?
You may complete your request form or simply submit your own request in writing.

How can I obtain your form to request my protected health information?
Contact Health Information Management at 360-744-6600 / 360-744-8559 or download.

How long will it take to fill my request?
Washington state regulations allow for 15 days from the day we receive your request. However, you could receive your record sooner.

Will I be charged for copies of my medical record?

Patients -

  • Page 1 to 10: No charge
  • Pages 11 to 30: $0.85 per page + sales tax
  • Pages 31 and higher: $0.73 per page + sales tax

There is no charge for medical records to be faxed to a provider for continuing care.

Third-party Requests -

  • Preparation $23
  • Pages 1 to 30: $1.04 per page + sales tax
  • Pages 31 and higher: $0.79 per page + sales tax

Sales tax will be charged. However, there are a few exceptions to this charge, so please ask in advance.

What type of information can I request?
Requesting only pertinent information will save you money, as you will obtain the most important information about your stay. However, you may request a complete copy of all your records at Harrison.

What if I just want to view my record?
Viewing records is arranged by appointment only. Call 360-744-8559.

How long do you keep medical records?
We keep your visit information on file for 21 years. If you simply want to know the day of your visit, your diagnosis, and the name of your attending physician, we keep that information indefinitely.

What is considered a Harrison Medical Center record?
If you received treatments or services at the following Harrison Medical Center locations, we will have a record of your visit:

  • Harrison Belfair Primary & Urgent Care
  • Harrison Bremerton
  • Harrison Bremerton Outpatient Rehabilitation (formally Green Mountain)
  • Harrison Port Orchard Primary & Urgent Care
  • Harrison Silverdale
  • Harrison Silverdale Adult & Pediatric Rehabilitation

What if I have a question about my medical record?
Health Information Management only can supply your record; we cannot discuss any information contained in the record with you or anyone else. Please direct your questions to Corporate Compliance at 360-744-6603.

What if I’m requesting records for someone else or a family member?
You must provide the proper documentation if you are the guardian or Designated Power of Attorney for the person for whom you are requesting documents.