Success Story
Submitted by Dana Sheppard, complementary therapies practitioner:
I played for an elderly man who is very hard of hearing, but who used to play the violin. His family asked me to get very close to him so he could hear, and he seemed frustrated that he couldn’t hear the harp very well. As I played he reached out and gently laid his hand on the harp post, and smiled and said “I can feel that!” He held the harp as I played various songs, and then he asked for a hymn. As I played the hymn, he started to cry, and his wife encouraged him to “just let it out,” and she held his hand and she cried a little too. Afterwards he held my hand and thanked me several times, saying “You made my day!” and she said I had played all of his favorite songs. She said “You couldn’t have come to a better room!”

Also, I had two staff on separate floors come over to me as I played to say that they really appreciated the music—the day was hectic, and it really made a difference in helping them relax.