Press Releases

Press Releases

Harrison Medical Center Faces Future with Mission in Mind - 1/17/2012

Potential partnership considered
For the past three years, Harrison Medical Center’s Board of Directors and Executive team has thoughtfully and deliberately considered how best to operate successfully and provide local healthcare services so crucially needed. Harrison remains financially sound and is poised well for the future.  However, the healthcare industry has faced unprecedented challenges in recent years. The state’s budget crisis and reductions in federal Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates have cut across organizations of every size. National healthcare reform is expected to create even more change. As such, Harrison is considering how to ensure the future of this 93-year-old organization.  

In Mid-October, these considerations led Harrison to retain a national consulting firm, The Camden Group, to guide the organization through an extensive process of evaluating whether remaining independent or partnering with a larger regional healthcare system will be of the most benefit to the community. As a result of those discussions, the Board of Directors has decided to issue a Request for Proposal to a number of other healthcare systems in late January. This proposal asks for an outline of what those systems are willing to do if affiliated with us to expand and improve healthcare services within our region.
“Our charter calls us to investigate all viable options for maintaining healthcare services in our community,” says David Veterane, Harrison’s board chair. “Our residents must continue to have local access to clinically excellent and patient-centered care.”

“Harrison balances expense management while still investing in staff, equipment, facilities, and future operations,” Veterane explains.  “As one of the few independent hospitals in Washington, we’ve taken the proper steps to remain a strong, vibrant organization, even during these difficult times.” One such effort includes retaining the Claro Group to implement operational improvements and to eliminate waste.

“Our patients expect and deserve great quality and great service,” says Scott Bosch, President and CEO. “And as such, it’s our responsibility to explore all options, including consideration of partnering with a larger health system as well as how to control costs at all levels of the organization, to ensure exceptional local health and hospital care for our community far into the future.”