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Kitsap Credit Union makes $100K gift to Harrison - 3/20/2009

Kitsap Credit Union has committed a leadership gift of $100,000 to Harrison’s $8-million nursing campaign, Great Nurses for a Great Community. The gift—to be paid over the next five years—is the largest gift to be made to date from a community organization. Other gifts from businesses include $25,000 by Rice Fergus Miller Architecture & Planning, LLP, and $25,000 from Stirrett-Johnsen, Inc.

“We are bolstered by these incredible gestures of local generosity,” says Scott Bosch, Harrison’s president and CEO. “It is a challenging economic climate for everyone and to have these businesses step forward and demonstrate their commitment to Harrison Medical Center as a valued community asset is both humbling and affirming.”

For Kitsap Credit Union and its employees, the gift is a natural extension of a deep commitment to giving back to the communities it serves.

“When we look at the issues that affect our quality of life and are integral to the strength and vibrancy of our communities, nothing is more fundamental than having access to quality healthcare,” says Elliot Gregg, KCU’s president and CEO.

“We know that our employees and our members can appreciate the efforts Harrison Medical Center is making to provide safe, quality care for the community, including recruiting and retaining the very best nurses. This campaign addresses a critical issue both locally and nationally, as hospitals around the country confront a growing nurse shortage,” says Gregg.

The imminent retirement of the nursing workforce and the anticipated need for future services are both fueled by the impact of the Baby Boomer generation. Fifty percent of the nation’s current nurse workforce is expected to retire in the next 10 to 15 years. At Harrison, approximately 20 percent of the workforce is eligible for retirement by 2012. With the current shortage and the anticipated exodus due to retirements, hospitals will become even more reliant on new nurse graduates to fill their vacant positions. At the same time, the healthcare system will be challenged to meet the needs of an aging population that is growing in numbers.

“Great care begins with great caregivers—it’s that simple,” says Bosch. “We want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to attract and keep the very best nurses in our community and for our community.”

Through its Great Nurses for a Great Community Campaign, Harrison seeks to raise $8 million for education initiatives aimed at recruiting and retaining nurses for our community. For more information about the campaign, contact Stephanie Cline, executive director, Harrison Medical Center Foundation at 360-744-6761.