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Harrison Medical Center nurses host food drive for community - 5/5/2009

“Our exceptional nurses are committed to our communities—caring for people both inside the hospital and out,” says Cindy May, Harrison Medical Center’s vice president operations and chief nursing officer. “Nursing is a strong balance of professional and personal life.”

With this spirit, Harrison nurses are celebrating National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week by supporting those who need help in our own communities. Kitsap County’s food banks are in dire need of food supplies. Harrison nurses have coordinated an organization-wide food drive to help. Donations of non-perishable food items, toiletries, and pet food are welcome.

What: Harrison Medical Center Food Drive

When: Through May 18

Where: Drop-off locations:

  • Harrison Bremerton—Cherry Street Café & Main Lobby; 2520 Cherry Ave., Bremerton
  • Harrison Silverdale—Chipmunk Grill; 1800 NW Myhre Road, Silverdale
  • Harrison Port Orchard—Bistro; 450 South Kitsap Blvd., Port Orchard

May 6 to 12: National Nurses Week—‘Nurses: Building a Healthy America’

Considered both art and science, nursing is a profession that embraces dedicated people with varied interests, strengths, and passions because of the many opportunities the profession offers. Each year, this celebratory week ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is considered to be the founder of modern nursing.

Source: American Nurses Association,

May 10 to 16: National Hospital Week—‘A Healthy Commitment in Changing Times’

The celebration of National Hospital Week began in 1921 when a Chicago magazine editor suggested that more information about hospitals might alleviate public fears about the ‘shrouded’ institutions of the day. From that beginning, Hospital Week expanded to facilities across the nation. Today,it’s the largest health care celebration with participants in every state.

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