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Linda Streissguth joins board of directors - 9/19/2011

StreissguthLinda Streissguth, AICP, joined Harrison Medical Center’s board of directors in August 2011, bringing a vibrant background of community service experience. She has built a strong reputation meeting the needs of customers, communities, and commerce interests throughout Kitsap and surrounding counties. She’s the former chair and a current member of the City of Bremerton Planning Commission, vice-chair of the Bremerton Housing Authority board of commissioners, and a board member of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

Streissguth, a Bremerton resident, currently serves at the manager of Local Government & Community Relations at Puget Sound Energy (PSE). She’s been with PSE and its predecessor, Puget Sound Power & Light, for 30 years, involved with marketing, conservation, real estate, land planning, and community services.

Streissguth’s credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a certificate in Management Studies, and a Washington state certificate in Real Estate. She’s also earned a certified planner designation from the American Institute of Certified Planners. She has served on more than a dozen local and state teams, advisory boards, associations, committees, councils, summits, and programs.

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