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Press Release Archive

Open Heart Surgery Comes to Harrison - 11/1/2003

On August 11, we opened the doors at Harrison Hospital to cardiac surgery.

This is a milestone for all of us, a time in which our hospital reaches yet another level of excellence. I am immensely proud of this achievement.
Through our affiliation with UW Medicine Regional Heart Center, we are joined by two experienced cardiac surgeons, Dr. Chris King (right) and Dr. Bill Caine (left). This affiliation brings to our community the ongoing collaboration and support of a highly respected cardiac program.

This is a huge step for us, yet, in another sense, a small one.

Harrison's cardiologists, anesthesiologists, vascular surgeons and other physicians, our nurses, and other members of the healthcare team have developed our own cardiac capabilities to a point that makes this step a natural evolution of services.

Now, from ocean to sound, hundreds of area residents will have access to an entire spectrum of cardiac care, right here close to home.

It's the latest example of Harrison's commitment to meeting the needs of our community. And one more instance of each of us pulling together for the betterment of all living in the region. We see today not only the dedication and professionalism that
make us a team, but also the collaborative, shared achievement that make us a family.

At this important moment, I would like to pause to welcome

our new cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists. In addition, I would like to recognize the cardiologists and other physicians we are fortunate to have here serving us, as well as other healthcare partners so crucial to us, including EMS workers and those at CAPRI.

I would like also to direct my thanks to the nursing staff, employees and volunteers who are Harrison. And to all of you in the community who have supported and inspired us. It is indeed a privilege to serve you.

Thanks to all of your efforts, this community has something to look forward to in ways we never could before.

Dave Gitch,

President and CEO