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Press Release Archive

Medical chopper makes first rooftop landing - 4/1/2004

Harrison's new rooftop helipad-part of the hospital's $13-million ER expansion-was tested with a trial landing and takeoff. Crew from Airlift Northwest-operators of the medical air transport service-conducted a safety inspection of the rooftop landing strip. They also trained hospital staff who will be assisting in the transfer of patients who need the services of Seattle's Harborview Medical Center, the only Level I trauma center serving a four-state region. Transfers from the helipad will begin April 15. more

Annually, some 150 Harrison patients are transported to Harborview via medical helicopter. Until now, patients have made the seven-minute trip from a designated landing zone at the corner of Sheridan and Old Wheaton Way. That site-located three blocks from Harrison-requires ambulance service from the hospital. Transfers from Harrison Silverdale will continue to take place in a designated section of the Kitsap Mall's north parking lot.

Since 1982, the Seattle-based nonprofit organization has provided emergency air-transport service to critically ill patients throughout Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Western Canada via helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Each flight team consists of two registered nurses with extensive critical-care trauma experience; certain flights also include a neonatal/pediatric critical-care specialist.

Harrison's ER and Urgent Care staff treat over 70,000 patients annually, making it one of the busiest emergency departments in the region. Some 34,000 of these patients are treated at the main hospital in East Bremerton, which serves the Olympic Peninsula region with Level III trauma services. Harrison Silverdale ER-also offering 24-hour care-serves 19,000 patients annually, while another 17,000 receive care at Harrison South Kitsap Urgent Care in Port Orchard.