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Portraits of Cancer, Stories of Hope - 6/15/2004

I have bad news. Frightening words always but even more terrifying when spoken by your doctor. Many in Kitsap County have heard those words-some recently, others not so. Their stories-and their faces-are depicted in Portraits of Cancer, Stories of Hope, an eight-photo exhibit on display now through May in Harrison’s Radiation Oncology Center.

Bainbridge Island photographer Kayrn Carpenter was inspired to develop the project while working with a client who had just learned she had breast cancer. The experience sent Karyn back a year when she lost her own father to lung cancer. “Hope was the one thing we needed,” she recalls. Writer and graphic designer Lynn Smith was drawn to the project to give a voice to cancer. Her own child-5 year-old Meghan, who was diagnosed at 18 months with leukemia-is one of the stories.

The project is meant to be a gift to people who are going through a similar ordeal as those featured, says Carpenter. “I hope this small gathering of photos and stories of cancer survivors gives a moment of strength and hope to someone who has just heard those dreadful words I have bad news.” Carpenter’s traveling exhibit was funded in part through a grant by Humble Abode. The Kitsap-based organization is dedicated to reducing stress while increasing the emotional well being of those affected by cancer. They offer support groups and workshops.

The public is invited to view the exhibit. Harrison’s Radiation Oncology Center is located at the upper north end of the main hospital campus in East Bremerton.