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Press Release Archive

Protecting our staff protects our patients - 11/1/2004

In this national shortage of flu vaccine, Harrison's own supply has been cut by more than half. We now have less than we need to vaccinate our own staff.

  • We will not be vaccinating patients.
    Harrison historically does not vaccinate community members-only our own employees. Vaccinating the public is the task of our local health department. A few years ago, we provided space to hold their flu clinics. This may have led some to believe it was a hospital-sponsored effort.

  • There's no need to panic.
    More vaccine is on the way. This next batch will go first to doctors' offices. You may want to call your own doctor and see if you can get on the waiting list. As more vaccine becomes available, some retail outlets such as grocery stories and pharmacies will be able to resume their flu clinics.

  • The Kitsap County Health District has a new Flu Hotline: 360-337-5240. Call this number for up-to-date information about public flu clinics and the status of vaccine supply.

    Meanwhile, Harrison will support new guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Washington State Department of Health by vaccinating first our employees who tend to patients. Most importantly, this protects our patients.