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Press Release Archive

Greetings from Harrison's new CEO - 2/1/2005

Hello. My name is Scott Bosch, and I have the honor and privilege of being the new president and CEO of Harrison Hospital. I have succeeded Dave Gitch who recently retired after very capably leading Harrison for 13 years. I understand I am only the third chief executive to serve at Harrison in the last 43 years. While this type of longevity is rare in hospitals these days, it is certainly a sign of tremendous loyalty and stability and should be celebrated. At the same time, change is also a wonderful opportunity to bring in new ideas and creative ways of addressing the increasingly complex problems that face all of us-most especially you, our patient-in healthcare.

Let me share a bit about myself, starting with my family. My wife Gail and I have been married for 27 years. She is a clinical pharmacist who specializes in Alzheimer's

disease. We have three sons, two of whom are studying at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Our youngest son is a senior at Mountain View High School in Loveland, Colorado. Gail will remain there with him until he graduates this spring when she will join me in Bremerton. We love the outdoors and believe that the Pacific Northwest is going to be a great place to live and work.

My career as a healthcare administrator is a diverse one, spanning more than 25 years. I have spent time in large hospitals and small, urban and rural settings, for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, individual and stand-alone organizations such as Harrison, and large systems. Most recently, I've served as Colorado regional president of Banner Health, which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Based in Greeley, Colorado, I was responsible for nine hospitals in four states. This position required constant travel, which I am hoping to significantly reduce at Harrison, allowing me to be a greater part of our Kitsap community.

Over the years, I've been able to observe what makes a hospital successful-or not. To compete into the future, Harrison must commit to you that you and your family will receive outstanding clinical quality, customer service, and competitive value. The good news is that these things are already receiving a lot of attention at Harrison. My desire is to take us from good to great, making Harrison a place at which you and your loved ones feel confident you're getting first-class quality care. I'm here to serve you.

During my interview last fall by members of the Medical Executive Committee, I was asked what I thought of the new hospital being built in Gig Harbor. My opinion is that this may be one of the best things that could happen to Harrison. Competition forces change and a real focus on quality, service, and value to those we serve. These are good things, and with the new hospital's forecasted opening date several years off, we have the time to take our performance to new peaks. We can truly become the hospital of choice in the region.

First, last, and always, healthcare is about people. I look forward to the opportunity and the challenge of serving you and yours.