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Press Release Archive

Harrison seeks community input for new strategic plan - 4/15/2005

We're creating a strategic plan for Harrison that will serve as the foundation for decisions in the near and far future. And it's important to hear from the community we serve. This month, we're hosting neighborhood meetings to get your input: How does the hospital grow and where? How do we serve our expanding community? What does Harrison look like-physically and in services-five years from now? Ten years from now? We invite you to join us at any of the following community meetings:

Monday, April 11
7 to 9 pm
Harrison Silverdale, Iris Room
Ridgetop and Myhre

Monday, April 18
7 to 9 pm
North Kitsap Fire District #18
911 NE Liberty Road

Tuesday, April 19
2 to 4 pm
Norm Dicks Government Center
345 6th Street

Bainbridge Island
Wednesday, April 20
7 to 9 pm
Bainbridge Island Fire District #2
8895 Madison Avenue
Port Orchard
Tuesday, April 19
7 to 9 pm
West Bay Center
1307 Bay Street