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Press Release Archive

Harrison's facilities plan has an eye on the future - 7/28/2006

Facilities planning, a vital component of Harrison Medical Center's strategic plan Vision 2010, is gaining focus. Harrison unveiled its plan last year, outlining the steps necessary to achieve the organization's goal of becoming the region's premiere medical center.

Since August 2005, Harrison has been working with Seattle architects NBBJ and Bremerton's Rice Fergus Miller to create a master facilities plan, a comprehensive look at our current facilities and how they must change to meet the community's future healthcare needs.

An early report indicates that Harrison will continue to operate and gradually expand its hospitals in Bremerton and Silverdale instead of building a 400-bed hospital in a new location. Estimated at $600 million, building a new hospital would be cost-prohibitive. Our finances dictate that we follow a phased approach. Consultants will continue to study expansion options and will present their recommendations in April.

The Vision 2010 team of Harrison leaders will consider NBBJ's findings and recommend a course of action to our board of directors.