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Press Release Archive

Employee engagement improves medical care at Harrison - 7/28/2006

Harrison Medical Center is a better organization than we were a year ago. The proof is in our recent employee engagement scores. Conducted by the renowned Gallup Organization, the poll revealed that engaged employees at Harrison outnumber actively disengaged ones by 4 to 1.

“Engaged employees are more content, productive, and-most importantly-more patient focused,” explains President and CEO Scott Bosch. “This enables us to deliver exceptional medical care, close to home, with the kind of personal touch that can only come from friends and neighbors.”

Employees are inspired by the organization’s purpose: making a positive difference in people’s lives through exceptional medical care. Harrison's high ranking in a related survey question-the mission or purpose of my organization makes me feel my job is important-qualifies us as a best-practice, mission-driven organization.

Participation in the Gallup survey is one component of Harrison’s strategic plan. Vision 2010 is the roadmap that outlines our plan to become the premier medical center in the region through four primary areas of focus: people, facilities, information technology, and communication. 

“Our patients and our families feel the positive changes happening at Harrison, and we feel great about it,” says Bosch. “Meanwhile we’re setting our sights on achieving Gallup’s world-class status in 2008.”