Priorities, Results & How We'll Get There
Vision 2015 Strategic Priorities
  • Physician and provider alignment—Create common goals that meet patient needs.
  • Operations redesign—Examine every facet of workflow to achieve efficient, cost-effective structures.
  • Cultural transformation—Be highly patient-centered while consistently practicing our mission and exhibiting our values.

Vision 2015 Outcomes/Results

  • Quality and patient safety—Build on our quality standards to keep our patients and staff always safe from harm.
  • Financial strength—Ensure long-term viability to serve the future generations of our community.
  • Patient, employee, and medical staff engagement—Encourage participation within a positive environment.
  • Growth—Become a regional center of excellence for specialty services.

Essential building blocks
Technology and facilities will provide the vital resources and components that will serve as the foundation of our success in all other areas. For example:

  • Electronic integration of our patients’ medical records—from hospital to doctor’s office to other healthcare providers. In the not-so-distant future, a fully realized health information exchange will provide tremendous advantages to our patients and providers.
  • A current, realistic master facilities plan. Revising our plan means looking at the way our facilities can best meet changing patient and growing community healthcare needs.

Principles to guide us
Vision 2015 Guiding Principles will encourage relationships with our community physicians to better meet our patients’ needs. The principles also set the cornerstone of our organization’s cultural transformation.

Focus on our physicians:

  • We define “alignment” as a patient-centered relationship in which a hospital, physicians, and other providers work toward common economic goals and promote mutual success.
  • We will ensure that there is an adequate supply of physicians to meet the needs of our service area.
  • We will actively support physicians—either in group or private practice—who are aligned with Harrison.
  • We will work with community physicians to meet the community need, and, if this is unsuccessful, we may utilize employment.

Focus on our organization:

  • We will drive out inefficiencies and waste while reducing variances and optimizing quality, outcomes, and profitability.
  • We will hardwire processes so that our patients always are safe from harm.
  • We expect that all members of Harrison will continuously, through a standardized methodology, look for ways to improve the work that we do.
  • We will enhance our culture to be more patient-centered and to ensure that it is consistent with our values of empathy, innovation, and accountability.