Reducing procedure specific surgical site infections
At Harrison, we work to reduce the risk of infection during surgery.Surgery creates a risk of infection that depends on how sick a patient is, how big the operation is, and how many germs enter a wound either during or immediately after an operation.

Our surgery site infection prevention measures include:
  • The night before and the morning of surgery all surgical patients are require to bathe with a sustained antibacterial solution to reduce the bacteria present on skin
  • Electric clippers are used for removing hair to prevent skin nicks and cuts
  • Preventative antibiotics are administered based on national guidelines for selection, timing and discontinuation
  • A comprehensive pre-surgical check list is used to ensure all required prevention measures are in place prior to the start of a procedure
  • Traffic in and out of the surgical suite is limited during a procedure
  • Blood glucose and body temperature is monitored and controlled for procedures where the control of these measures have proven to reduce the risk of developing a post operative infection
  • Antimicrobial dressings are used as the primary cover of a surgical incision
  • The humidity, airflow and air pressure in the operating room suites is routinely monitored and regulated to ensure optimum environmental conditions
  • Hand hygiene compliance is monitored among staff and surgeons