A Renewed Future Plan

Vision 2015 revealed
Our narrowly focused strategic plan includes a five-year vision and a one-year (and then year by year) action plan that coincides with our budget cycle. We’ll allocate time, energy, and finances to accomplish specific deliverables. Progress evaluations will be reported to our board of directors, leadership, and medical staff leaders each month. These steps will keep us moving toward our goals.

Vision 2015: Harrison Medical Center will be an independent, full-service, community hospital for the Kitsap Peninsula, offering a comprehensive array of primary and secondary medical and surgical services, including Level III Trauma (not transplants, burns, neo-natal intensive care, or neurosurgery). We will have regional centers of care for the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas in these services: Cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, and general surgery.

A Mission revised
Our revised mission statement now reflects a new definition of what we do. One small word change—from medical care to healthcare—encompasses caring for those who are ill or injured, and embraces health education, prevention, and wellness.

Mission: We make a positive difference in people’s lives through exceptional healthcare.

Steady Core Values
Our core values remain firmly unchanged, as relevant now as they’ve been during the last five years—and will be as we look five years into our future.

Empathy: We value compassionate understanding of others’ needs, active kindness, and trusting relationships.

Innovation: We value the continuous search for new and better ways to improve our service, processes, and technical excellence.

Accountability: We value achieving outstanding results, ensuring safety, and acting with integrity.