Rooftop Rehab Trail

Rooftop TrailTaking the first steps to a new you
When you’ve undergone joint replacement or other orthopaedic surgeries, rehabilitation is key to recovery. The Orthopaedic Center at Harrison in Silverdale goes beyond the norm to take rehabilitation to the next level.

The Rooftop Rehab Trail is a unique, outdoor area that sits atop the state-of-the-art facility’s second floor. There, patients are able to maneuver different types of terrain in a natural, outdoor setting.

“We’re simulating the environments patients will be exposed to at home and in their communities,” says Vanna Lombardi, OT, director of Rehabilitation Services at Harrison Medical Center. “This is the perfect place to practice outdoor walking and other skills in the safe care of clinicians.”

The 1,600-square-foot space was specially designed so therapists and patients could start advanced gait training on uneven surfaces like gravel, decking, and stairs. With views of the Olympic Mountains, patients can also experience the true nature of living in the Pacific Northwest when they walk on surfaces exposed to rain. The space also features benches, rails, parallel bars, and even a picnic area for patients and their visitors.

Help pave the way!
Funding for the Rooftop Rehab Trail is made possible by the charitable donations of community members like you! To learn more call the Harrison Foundation at 360-744-6760.