Safe Deliveries
Healthy babies are worth the wait
While some mothers may want to deliver their babies sooner, research demonstrates the short and long term hazards of delivery prior to 39 weeks. Waiting until at least 39 weeks gestation is a great benefit for a healthy delivery and a healthy baby.

Harrison’s Safe Deliveries initiative was launched in partnership with the Washington State Hospital Association in January of 2011. Last year, among babies born after 37 weeks and before 39 weeks, the proportion of babies born via induction or c-section with no medical reason plunged statewide, with Harrison performing even better than many of our peers. There are special instances where an early birth is warranted; when the risk to the mother and the baby outweighs the benefits of waiting until full term. However, issues like pregnancy fatigue, having ‘done-it-before’ or convenience are ruled out as valid reasons to induce labor or schedule a cesarean section (c-section).

Women & Children
At Harrison Silverdale, we offer the most modern birthing facilities in the Puget Sound region. Our award-winning mother/baby center brings the comforts of home to private and spacious birthing suites fitted with jetted tubs, refrigerators, microwaves, and sleep chairs. We’re also renowned for the made-to-order food service of our Chipmunk Grill.

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A wide range of childbirth preparation classes are also available for mothers-to-be. 

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