Urologic Surgery

Urologic surgeons at Harrison Medical Center have greater experience with urologic robotic-assisted surgery than all other urologists on the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas combined. Each of our surgeons has completed extensive specialty training in da Vinci Surgical System techniques. Patients can be assured that our surgeons have a high level of expertise and excellent clinical outcomes.

Urologic surgery is a specialty that focuses exclusively on the genital and urinary organs and their functions. In addition to reconstructive surgery, our urologic surgeons regularly perform surgeries to remove cancerous portions of the genital and urinary tract. Although prostate cancer only effects men, kidney cancer and bladder cancer can affect both men and women.

Treatment of prostate, kidney, and bladder cancers takes many forms. Some patients may require radiation or chemotherapy to treat their cancer. For some, surgical treatment is a good option.

Minimally invasive surgical procedures using the robotic-assisted da Vinci Surgical System has changed the way many urologic cancers are treated. By using da Vinci, urologic surgeons often are more successfully able to preserve normal function than through traditional open surgery via large incisions. Benefits for patients include: less blood loss, pain, and scarring, shorter recovery times, and a quicker return to normal activities.daVinci OR set up