Vision 2020: Building Exceptional Healthcare

Harrison’s Board of Directors is further exploring consolidating acute hospital care at its campus in Silverdale. As part of its Vision 2020: Building Exceptional Healthcare planning process, Harrison leaders are also evaluating what outpatient services will continue to be offered in Bremerton.

Vision 2020 is a continuation of years-long efforts—including Vision 2010 and Vision 2015—to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare on the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas now and in the future. The planning process addresses the changing healthcare landscape both locally and nationally, and also considers shifts in population and local industry to new areas of Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas.

As part of Vision 2020, Harrison’s Board of Directors, along with leaders from Franciscan Health System, explored several scenarios and believes the most cost-effective solution may be a single hospital campus that provides the peninsula with a regional health care hub for generations to come. Even with a single hospital campus, Harrison is committed to providing medical services to Bremerton residents.

“We have been looking at the question of what is the best site for our acute care services since the mid-2000s,” says Jim Civilla, chairman of the Harrison Board of Directors. “The role of hospitals is changing with a greater focus on treating the whole person through preventative care and disease management. Harrison is going to have to change the way we deliver services. We will always have a presence in Bremerton, but we also need to explore what’s best for the entire region.”

Over the next several months, leaders from Harrison will solicit input from the community and other key stakeholder groups—including the City of Bremerton, community and business leaders, community residents, medical staff, and employees—and will announce a final master facility plan this October.

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Our community has grown and changed and Harrison is adapting to these changes. Our goal is to meet you when and where you need us. Currently, Harrison operates two hospital campuses, in Bremerton and Silverdale, about eight miles apart.­ Operating two campuses, with duplicative services, technology and staffing, is financially unsustainable.


Vision 2020 Q&A

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Bremerton patient room

Existing semi-private rooms do not allow for privacy, and are not optimal for today’s patient care standards, including infection control and flexibility to house patients of opposite genders.


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A private room is the standard of care, to help us fulfill our patients’ need for privacy, dignity, and a reduced risk of infection.