Vision 2015
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Looking toward a healthier future

Our community members truly motivate all that we do at Harrison. That’s why the patient experience and community healthcare needs form the center of our future plans.

Vision 2015 is a strategy that gives us a vehicle to understand our resident’s needs and helps us plan distinct services for the future. This vision also sets goals, establishes priorities, and makes certain that we maintain and grow a successful organization.

We asked doctors, healthcare providers, leaders, volunteers, and advocates from Kitsap County and surrounding areas to participate in formulating Vision 2015. Thus, the development of Harrison’s future represents a collaboration and integration of ideas that best will serve our community.

Vision 2015 vigorously maps specific goals and anticipates the healthcare changes that most certainly lie before us. We invite you to join us on this five-year journey. Together, we can influence the success of our community’s medical center now and for our future generations.


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Scott W. Bosch
President and CEO

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