When A Loved One Is Hospitalized

When a family member falls ill, everyone else seems to feel the effects, too. Whether you need information about your relative's condition, aspects of their treatment, hospital bills, home health services, or discharge planning, we may be able to provide answers, and hopefully lessen your anxiety.

If you should learn that a friend or relative has been taken to a hospital emergency department, it is natural to want immediate answers. Understand that Harrison must always respect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients—and we are legally required to do so as well.

Before your loved one leaves the hospital, a discharge plan may be necessary. These plans—which at Harrison are created by licensed social workers—are a short-term road map for the kinds of help people need when they go home. Harrison social workers, who have master's degrees and special training, will educate you about the various parts of the plan.

For more information on discharge planning, call our Social Work department at 360-744-6584 or toll free in Western Washington at 800-281-4042, ext. 6584.

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