Abby's Story

“We learned that Harrison has the state-of-the-art equipment, and was as good as the top-billed hospital in Seattle for cancer care,” Abby said.

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A vibrant new life

Abby Crisp spent most of a decade in bed, sick from chronic pancreatitis.

“I used to love to play with my grandson, Samuel, but as time went on that just wasn’t possible,” remembered Abby.

“A lot of his play scenarios were about being sick, it was sad,” she said.

Then Abby was dealt another blow when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. What Abby never imagined was that this new health challenge would eventually lead her on a journey to a better, healthy life.

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Breast cancer treatment through Harrison connected Abby Crisp with support for herself and her husband, Troy.
Abby learned through her cancer care new ways to combat chronic pancreatic pain.
Now Abby can play outside and climb trees with her active young grandson, Samuel.
Abby said Harrison takes the time to figure out what is needed to successfully heal people with care and love.