Cancer Conference

About Harrison's multidisciplinary cancer and breast conferences

A Cancer Conference is a multidisciplinary team consisting of healthcare professionals from many disciplines and specialties, including:

  • surgeons
  • radiologists
  • pathologists
  • medical oncologists
  • radiation oncologists
  • rehabilitation specialists
  • registered dietitians
  • patient navigators
  • palliative care specialists
  • cancer registry supervisor
  • clinical trials nurse
  • genetics nurse
The above team works together for your optimal care. Studies have shown that these teams improve patient outcomes—exactly what we strive for at Harrison.

Conference helps patients
Harrison’s goal is to provide the best cancer care possible. This starts with our multidisciplinary cancer and breast conferences, which offers many benefits to our patients, including:
  • improved planning
  • better symptom control
  • the latest advances in cancer treatment
  • cancer care teamwork
  • valuable solutions
  • more effective treatments
Our multidisciplinary cancer and breast conferences are weekly meetings to provide you with exceptional cancer care. The teams review our patients cases and makes recommendations.

Discussions include:
  • diagnosis
  • treatment options
  • new medications
  • clinical trials
Your cancer success depends on the valuable contributions from your team of medical professionals. Even so, you and your doctor make all final decisions about your care.