Certified Oncology Nurses

Harrison's oncology nursing

Certified-oncology nurses provide care for people with cancer. At Harrison, our nurses have thorough knowledge of cancer care, including treatments. Many of them have worked here more than 10 years. Many have decades of experience.

Although they always work under a doctor’s supervision, oncology nurses provide much of the cancer care. This includes infusion services, such as chemotherapy. You’ll see them more than you see anyone else.

Harrison’s inpatient and outpatient oncology nurses provide complete care, including:

  • patient care and education
  • health evaluations
  • Coordination of care
  • treatment planning
  • monitoring of lab reports
  • resources and assistance
  • infusion services, including chemotherapy
  • pain relief
We use the most advanced nursing practices available today. Our nurses focus on all your needs—physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. If they can’t provide something you need, you’ll find that they’ll find the right resources for you as soon as they can.

Experienced and certified nursing team
The specialty of oncology nursing doesn’t require certification to practice. Even so, Harrison has an unusually high number of nationally certified oncology nurses—80 percent. Testing has shown they surpass educational requirements for practice. For you, this means excellent cancer care. All our nurses who provide chemotherapy and biotherapy have earned their Oncology Nursing Society provider card.

Oncology nurse practitioners
Oncology nurse practitioners are registered nurses with a masters degree in nursing. They have advanced training in evaluating and treating adults with acute and chronic illnesses, and specialized knowledge and experience in oncology. Oncology nurse practitioners play a key role in educating patients and their families about cancer and its treatment. They also evaluate patients experiencing common cancer or treatment-related problems.

At Harrison, our oncology nurse practitioners work in partnership with our medical and radiation oncologists to provide you with excellent medical care. They are frequently presenters at community education, screening, and outreach programs for cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

Compassionate nurses
We understand that cancer patients have many needs. An important one is compassion. Harrison hires the most technically advanced oncology nurses, but we know you need more than that. When we hire oncology nurses, we look closely at their compassion and ability to show it. This is an important part of quality care. We believe it’s what you deserve.

You’ll find that our nurses are passionate about helping people during the cancer journey. They’re not too busy to listen to your concerns and struggles. Your nurse will provide the support critical to your recovery—you’re our top priority.