Jeffery's Story

Jeffery Jacques

It started out as a small lump in Jeffery Jacques throat, but it soon grew to be his fight for survival.

Jeffery Jacques was a 45-year-old, hard-working family man living the fast-paced life of raising five kids with his wife, Jackie, when a small lump appeared in his neck. He ignored it at first, but then realized it was growing. A biopsy confirmed it was a cancerous lymph node, which is common with head and neck cancer.

He was stunned. “I thought about all the time I hadn’t spent with my family. I thought about the extra time I spent at work and wished I could have it back,” Jeff says. And most of all he wondered: What’s next for me?

For further exploration, doctors removed Jeff’s tonsils which revealed a lump in the left side of his throat. The lump proved to be a cancerous tumor in his throat, which was successfully eradicated using a combination of radiation and chemotherapy at Harrison Radiation Oncology under the direction of Charles Springate, MD. “Treatment was intense, but every day the oncology staff made me feel as though I was their only patient. They were so close to home and available when I needed them. Dr. Springate was always available to talk, even on the phone. Thank you to all Harrison staff.”

Today Jeff looks forward to what is ahead: retirement, grandchildren, and living each day to the fullest. “I believe God knocked on my heart with the cancer experience. I feel the whole experience of diagnosis and treatment gave me a clearer understanding what is important in life. Now I look forward to what I can do, and don’t think about what I have not done.”

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