Patient Education

The more you know, the better you heal

Throughout your cancer treatment, you will receive patient education materials from all members of your care team. Following your physician's instructions and researching the latest state-of-the-art treatments for your cancer, can help you feel empowered in your care and recovery.

The following patient education materials are available for you to download, save, and print from your computer:

Chemotherapy and You (Source: National Cancer Institute)
Radiation Therapy and You (Source: National Cancer Institute)
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
(Source: National Cancer Institute)
Hematology & Oncology Patient Information (Source: Harrison HealthPartners)
Clinical Trials (Source: Harrison HealthPartners)
Genetic Testing (Source: Harrison HealthPartners)
Survivorship Care Planning (Source: Harrison HealthPartners)
Palliative Care (Source: Harrison Palliative Care)
Home Health (Source: Harrison Home Health)


NCI Support for People With Cancer: Taking Time
NCI Eating Hints: Before, During, and After Chemotherapy
American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR): Surviving Cancer with Physical Activity

NCI Support for Caregivers: When Someone You Love Is Being Treated for Cancer

Genetic Resources
Facing Our Risk Empowered (FORCE): For Families Facing Hereditary Breast or Ovarian Cancer
Facing Our Risk Empowered (FORCE): What Every Young Woman With Breast Cancer Should Know
Facing Our Risk Empowered (FORCE): What Every Woman With Ovarian Cancer Should Know

Online Resources
The following online resources are recommended by Harrison Medical Center to assist patients in becoming further informed about cancer.

Harrison Medical Center
Harrison HealthPartners
Harrison Foundation
American Cancer Society
Cancer Care for Women
Cancer Care Co-Payment Assistance Foundation
Team Cancer Care

Sex and Women With Cancer
Sex and Men with Cancer
Helping Children When a Family Member Has Cancer
Caring for the Patient With Cancer at Home