Cancer rehabilitation gets you moving and feeling better

Rehabilitation is important for people with cancer. Treatments cause uncomfortable side effects, and can cause long-term problems. But there’s good news. With Harrison Medical Center’s rehabilitation services, we help you recover.

Harrison’s Rehabilitation Services
Harrison is unique in providing full rehabilitation specialties for all cancer types. Our team can evaluate and treat you at any point in your cancer treatment. You’ll have a thorough evaluation of your abilities, resulting in a full treatment plan aimed at your individual needs.

Rehabilitation may include:

  • pain management
  • strength training
  • balance training
  • scar tissue management
  • evaluation for adaptive equipment
  • training for activities of daily living
  • aerobic exercise
  • swallow training
  • speech and communication therapy
  • lymphedema (swelling) treatment

Locations close to home
Harrison Bremerton, 360-744-6530
Harrison Silverdale, 360-744-8980
Harrison Port Orchard, 360-744-6220