Surgery & Inpatient Care

Surgery: one of the many ways to cure cancer

Blood Transfusions, 2Surgical oncology is one of our many approaches to cancer care. Focusing on the surgical management of cancer, Harrison surgeons perform nearly 900 cancer surgeries each year.

Surgical Oncology procedures are performed at both Harrison Bremerton and Harrison Silverdale, where we incorporate a remarkable array of next generation operating room technologies Surgical Oncologists use this technology in concert with their own highly specialized skills to perform traditional open procedures, laparoscopic procedures, and minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System.

The Harrison surgical cancer team includes highly trained surgeons, nurses, clinicians, and support staff. Your oncology team members approach their work with the sensitivity, concern, and confidence you expect and deserve. We treat you with respect and give you realistic hope based on fact.

Our surgical oncology team provides care for many types of cancers in each of the major surgical categories, including:

  • breast
  • colorectal
  • head and neck
  • general
  • gynecology
  • skin
  • thoracic
  • urology

Because your care and recovery is our highest priority, Harrison employs physician hospitalists who dedicate their care completely to inpatients, and practice only at the hospital. Studies have shown that hospitalists improve outcomes, continuity of care with your oncologist, and shorten hospital stays.