Survivorship Planning

Planning ahead for a cancer-free life

Survivorship Care PlanningCongratulations! You have come to the end of your cancer treatment. It is time to celebrate, look forward, and develop a plan for healthy living to ensure your long-term recovery. As a cancer survivor, you may have questions regarding your next step. To help you begin your new journey, Harrison’s Oncology program offers Survivorship Care Planning.

A Survivorship Care Plan is a summary of your cancer care, the treatments you received, possible long-term side effects, and tips for a healthy new you.

Topics will be personalized for you, but may include:

  • plan for ongoing follow-up care
  • possible long-term side effects of treatment
  • symptoms that trouble you
  • body changes
  • nutritional concerns
  • emotional needs
  • fear of recurrence
  • sexuality concerns
  • capacity for physical activity
  • healthy lifestyle changes to help you live cancer free

Following your cancer treatment, your physician will arrange for you to meet one-on-one with an experienced oncology nurse practitioner or physician assistant to develop a personalized care plan.

Follow-up care is an extremely important part of your overall cancer care. Most insurance companies recognize this phase of care, and will cover it just as they covered your treatment. Generally, by the end of treatment, most patients have exceeded their annual deductible and will pay no further expense. If in question, check with your insurance provider about coverage for follow-up care, or inquire with your oncologist’s office.