Susan's Story

Twice yearly, Susan visits her oncologist, Ronald Reimer, MD.
Susan stays active with her family after defeating Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Susan discusses her progress with her oncology nurse practitioner.
A network of friends supported Susan during her cancer experience.
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It's all about close connections

Susan Zetty's Hodgkin's lymphoma first announced itself at Thanksgiving time five years ago as a slightly troubling pain in her chest. She learned that it would take major surgery to reveal the full extent of the tumor, and many weeks of chemotherapy to kill it.

Rather than traveling out of the area, the super active Central Kitsap mother of three was able to enjoy the clear advantage of being within minutes of her husband Mike and children, her close community of supportive friends, her providers, her hospital, and her treatments.

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“(Having my cancer care) within 10 or 15 minutes from home was a huge, huge thing for me," says Susan Zetty.