Campaign Focus

Campaign Focus

The Campaign seeks to raise $8 million in five-year cash pledges and planned estate gifts for education initiatives aimed at recruiting, training and retaining critical nursing personnel to meet the healthcare of our communities.

Nurse Residency Program

To prepare new nurses to function in a demanding acute-care setting, Harrison is implementing an 18-week residency program providing on-the-job training for new nurse graduates to support their transition from novice to competent—and confident—nurse at the bedside as they care for patients.

Continuing Education, Specialty Care Certification & Advanced Degrees

Support expert caregivers at the bedside and the professional advancement of career nurse leaders by encouraging nurses to obtain and maintain specialty care certifications, and advanced degrees.

Community Partnerships

Promote continued collaboration between the institutions that educate and the clinical agencies that employ nurses to enhance local training opportunities and facilitate both the recruitment and retention of nurses in our community.