Quotes from the Garden

Quotes from the Garden


“I love it. Nice & peaceful.” Marie


“We (my husband and I) are not alone. So many feelings and thoughts are shared by all even though we don't know it. Only by sharing can we heal physically and mentally from inside. One way or another this will not be the end. Make the best of whatever you have and love the ones your with. Love to all.” Rhonda


“Nice to have a destination. Nice to feel the breeze."


"This garden makes me feel so quiet and solemn and even though I am sick, I feel well enough just for a moment.”


“This garden is a place to - sit quietly, pray, meditate, feel the breeze, smell the air, observe the weather, be mindful of the present, to neither dwell in the past or fear the future. This garden is a place to feel peace.” Cathy Sharrett


“So much easier to get up and walk when we make the garden the destination.”